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By the Numbers


Children Served

  • 28,800 after school meals

  • 11,000 summer meals

  • 150+ kids transported 310 days annually

  • 350+ children served at Stults Road facility

  • 300+ children reached at Public School assemblies



  • 25% of our students improve on their benchmark tests

  • 92% of our students improve core reading, writing, math

  • 75% of our students that graduate high school enroll in college, when they remain in YBC

  • 90% of our students maintain a GPA of 80+

  • 100% of our students graduate from high school when they remain in YBC



Our programs for spiritual and educational growth are tailored

by age to fit the needs of each child involved.

  • Age 4-14:  Receive solid Biblical &  educational foundation

  • Age 15-18: Serve at YBC as they continue to develop

  • Age 28-22: Attend college or enroll in U.S. Military

  • Age 22-25: Enter U.S. Military with rank or begin post-graduate training

Basic Operating Costs

$25 covers school supplies for a week

$50 sponsors meals for a week


$100 transports 125 kids for a week

$600 sponsors a child for a semester


16 Countries represented by YBC Students

We Need Your Support Today!

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