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YBC Leadership

Angela and Vince Gaddis, YBC Executive Staff & Family 

Angela grew up at Concord Missionary Baptist Church where she was a worship and chorale leader while simultaneously teaching public school for 10 years. Angela is a graduate of the University of Texas Arlington and an extremely gifted vocalist. In 1999 Angela joined the staff of YBC full time where she helped establish YBC’s after school program and the Angelic Praise & Community Children’s choir. 


Vince, is a 2000 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned a degree in Christian Education with an emphasis in Urban Ministry. Vince was ordained at Concord Missionary Baptist Church under the late Dr. E. K. Bailey. From 1994-1996 Vince served in Americorps which was sponsored by the Greater Dallas Community of Churches while simultaneously laying the Foundation and Network for YBC which he founded in June of 1995. In June 1995, Vince spoke at the National Forum on Children’s health at George Washington University along with former 1st lady Hillary Rodhan Clinton, child psychologist T. Berry Brazelton and former U. S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Vince worked with the United Methodist Churches’ Shalom Zone program under the leadership of the late Dr. Leta Belle Gorham. Vince has the gifts of prayer, compassion, visionary leadership, teaching and preaching. In 1989 Vince arrived in Dallas homeless. He has a powerful testimony lined with scriptures of how God has worked in his life. In response to Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 2:2, Vince’s most pressing goals are to solidify YBC’s Board(s) and financial support base while making disciples who will make disciples. For as Vince states, “success without a successor is a successful failure.”


Vince & Angela have two children who are in college. Makariah who is 21, graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in 2017. She plays lead and bass guitar, violin and several other instruments. She is a senior at the New School in NY, NY where she is about to complete a dual major in Jazz Guitar and Environmental Studies. Their son Vincent, attended Richardson High School until 11th grade at which time he was offered the opportunity to play basketball at Parish Episcopal School where he graduated from in 2020. Vincent is now a student at East Texas Baptist University. He is on the developmental basketball team and pursuing a major in history and a minor in Christian studies. Vincent and Makariah’s determination and work ethics earned them scholarships to attend these schools. 

YBC's Philosophy of Ministry

Developed by YBC's Executive Director Vince Gaddis


Relationships: “nothing reaches deeper into the human personality than relationships”.
When children have relationships with adults who affirm them they are inspired to receive, retain and recall information and excel.

Rigor: Life is hard. Children expect to be challenged to accomplish hard things.

Routine: Children need and expect consistency.

Repetition: Children’s deficits to learning are overcome by repetition.

Reinforcement: When children’s parents, teachers, mentors and coaches reinforce the same goals and objectives they excel.

Reward: When children are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments they surpass invisible boundaries.

Respect: When children achieve their best they respect themselves and others.

Resource: Affirmed and empowered children are our greatest resource.

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