In June of 1995 with an open Bible, a Big foot pizza, and a bunch of Dr. Seuss books, Vince Gaddis began meeting with children and families in parks, pizza parlors, vacant apartments and churches in the Vickery Meadows and Lake Highlands area. These meetings were a follow up to a violence prevention curriculum Vince taught at Franklin Jr. High from 1994-1996. From September 1997 until October 2008 YBC met at Fellowship Bible Church and began to grow and form their unique identity. 


In December 2006 YBC was granted a $750,000 challenge grant from Jan & Trevor Rees-Jones in order to purchase, renovate and expand their current 2 acre facility. With the help of Amy Simmons, John & Ellen McStay, Corey & Karin Linquist and private foundations. YBC tripled the challenge match gift by April 2007. Renovations began and in October 2008 YBC moved in.
















Currently, up to 150+ children board YBC buses where they receive meals and participate in YBC's after-school and summer programs. At the end of the summer 50+ children and 5-7 staff board a chartered bus to go to Kids Across America (KAA) in Missouri for a week.


Some children who attend YBC are overcoming challenges, such as homelessness, hunger and most of all..."A thirst for adult attention."


Over the past 26 years, Vince, his wife Angela and YBC's professionally trained and passionately committed staff and volunteers have been nurturing the hearts and minds of children in this area. As a result, YBC has morphed into a dynamic life-changing organism and thousands of children are being educated and discipling children. 


YBC has graduates from NYU, SMU, Baylor, UTD, UTArlington, the University of Houston, Texas Tech, Texas A & M Commerce and various branches of Dallas County Community Colleges. YBC has a post graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary and Perkins School of Theology. Also, YBC has students who have served in, or, are currently serving in the Navy, Air Force and U.S. Army. 

“Every child can learn and we are passionately committed to teach them.”

Angela D. Gaddis


Our Mission

Giving children the spiritual and educational foundation they need to succeed.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse group of servant-leaders developed and deployed locally and abroad. 

Our Passion

Nourishing the Divine spark in children.



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