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Since 1995, Youth Believing in Change has focused on fulfilling our mission to give children the spiritual and educational foundation they need to succeed.

Learn more about how we have successfully impacted the children and community of Victory Meadows through the voices of our students, parents and donors.

To see statistics around our impact, visit By the Numbers.

Student Testimonial: Demiere Butler


When Demiere Butler came to YBC his mom and dad were both in prison. He was being raised by his grandmother who enrolled him in YBC. Through relationships built with staff and volunteers at YBC Demiere’s life was incredibly impacted. See his testimony below.

My name is Demeire Butler. I began attending YBC in 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday. I usually take the trash out but my grandmother took the trash out on this day. When she came back into the house she told me that she saw a bunch of kids hopping off a bus with a lot of food. She asked them, “where are y’all coming from?” And they all screamed, “YBC”. She asked them, “what is YBC?” And they all said at the same time, Youth Believing in Change”. The next day that the YBC van came to our apartments I made sure I got on it and went to join YBC. The environment was very welcoming. I even knew some of the kids who were already members of YBC so it was easy to adapt. I really struggled at math but that didn’t last long after I met Mr. Weaver. At first me and Mr. Weaver did not get along. I think it was because I was having a hard time focusing. But everyone at YBC was patient with me. Finally, I got the hang of the math and it became easy breezy. Now as I look back I can see how helpful YBC has been for me. Especially in math. Now, I pass math with flying colours. I’m making all A’s in school and I’m still in touch with Mr. Weaver and Pastor Gaddis and everyone at YBC. YBC has made a great impact in my life and helped mold me into the young man that I am today.

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Volunteer Testimonial: Charlotte

Student Testimonial: Richard

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